Bacara de la Ferme Blanche

A Belgian hot-blooded horse born in 2001 become a member of the team in 2013. The dark brown horse although lively in the dressage, has seemingly no limits in the show-jumping. Together with Anna she debuted ...

Recent results 🏆

CSIO3*-W Bratislava
10th place Nations Cup 160 cm 24.7.2015
Championship of the Czech Republic, Ptyrov 2015
1st place Young Riders 140 cm 12.7.2015
CSIO3*-W Celje
5th place Nations Cup 160 cm 15.5.2015
CSI2* Magna Racino
15th place Diamond Tour 145 cm 16.4.2015
Sunshine Tour 2015
15th place Grand Prix Longines Ranking 155 cm 15.3.2015

Family tree 🏆

Thunder Van de Zuuthoeve Argentinus Argentan
Jura Van St. Maarten Nimmerdor
Nickita Van de Zuuthoeve Oula Owl XX Tachypous
Oula-Ka-Fu-Fu XX
Cursa Lugano Van la Roche

Results 🏆

European Championships
53rd place 2015 Young Riders 150 cm
Czech Championship
1st place 2014 Young Riders, Individual 140 cm
International Competitions
13th place 2014 CSI3*-W Cavaliada Poznaň, LR 145 cm
6th place 2014 CSI2* Ising, EY CUP U25 135 cm
15th place 2014 CSI2* Herlufmagle, Grand Prix, LR 145 cm
7th place 2014 CSIO-J Hagen Future Champions 140 cm
12th place 2014 CSI2* CSIU25 CSI-J Lamprechtshausen 140 cm
1st place 2014 CSIJ Linz, Grand Prix 140 cm
3rd place 2014 CSIJ Linz, Junior Tour 130 cm
6th place 2014 CSIJ Linz, Junior Tour 130 cm
5th place 2014 Sunshine Tour, GP Tour B 140 cm
13th place 2014 Sunshine Tour, GP Tour A2 135 cm

Numbers 📊

Race Belgian Warmblood
Sex Gelding
Color Bay
Year of birth 2001
Efficiency 160 cm